When college freshman Fiona enters Mr. Hargroves’ classroom, he’s already thinking of the bad things he’s going to do to her. Will he manage to seduce his virginal young student and live out his fantasy of coming inside her?

This 4400 word story features a hot college co-ed, a professor with zero scruples, their wild classroom class sex, and a sticky creampie!

“Yes I do. Good job so far!” he said as he started to scratch her back and keep reading. She didn’t stop him as he did it for a few more seconds, pretending to read the story but just concentrating on how soft her skin felt under the fabric of her dress. He looked over at her face again and noticed that her cheeks were a little red. “Yes, very good, so good that, with an endorsement from me, I think this will definitely make the book.” He moved his hand up to her neck and started playing with her hair. When she looked a little nervous, he said, “Would you like that?” She bit her lip and nodded her head quickly, obviously enjoying the head scratching.

This is it, Mr. Hargroves thought, make or break. “I’d like to do that too, but I need to know that you really want it.”

She looked confused, then she said, “I do want it, I really do!”

Mr. Hargroves said “You’re a very pretty girl, Fiona.” She blushed and smiled, and looked away. Mr. Hargroves pulled her head gently toward him and gave her a kiss. She resisted at first; she knew that this was wrong, but soon the shock of it wore off and she eagerly returned the kiss.

They kissed for a little while, and Fiona said “I thought I saw you checking me out in class.”

Mr. Hargroves pulled back and replied, “Hey, I saw you checking me out in class!” Fiona blushed again but before she could look away Mr. Hargroves started kissing her neck. She gasped but clearly enjoyed it. This is going better than I thought it would, thought Mr. Hargroves. He reached for the shoulder strap to her dress and began to pull it down.

Fiona tensed up and caught his hand. “I’m not ready for that,” she whispered.

Had he misjudged the situation? Was she not into him, or was she…untouched? He calmly responded, “I thought we were both adults here. You act like one and you certainly wrote like one.”

She smiled and blushed, clearly a sucker for the compliment. She looked so nervous, Mr. Hargroves was becoming more and more sure that she hadn’t done this before. She whispered softly, so innocently, “Okay…”

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