Cassandra Zara is no more

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I’m sorry to whoever has found this page in search of my titles. After a very frustrating meeting with Amazon in Seattle, they have made it very clear that these books are no longer welcome. I have delisted all of my stories and they will not be going back up. I will be exclusively writing on my other two pen names, Krista Lakes and Serena Waters.

After lengthy phone conversations with Amazon, I was able to republish some of my work. “A Baby For My Billionaire Stepbrother” is now known as “Stepbrother’s Gift” by Krista Lakes. “A Baby for My Military Stepbrother” is now known as “Stepbrother Hero” by Krista Lakes. A few of my tamer Zara works were relisted on Serena Waters as well.

If you’re halfway through some other story and can’t finish it because they were taken down, please send me an email at cassandra.zara@gmail.com and tell me which story you would like. You can also still chat with me on Facebook (I’ll still be around)! Thanks for understanding, everyone!


How to find erotica!

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Good friend Mercy Faulk graciously wrote up a guide to finding erotica on all your favorite eBook sites and it is free! It is a fantastic resource:

How to find Paid and Free Erotica, Erotic eBooks, and Sex Stories


Have you been on the hunt for more sexy stories after reading E.L. James’ megablockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey but don’t know what to search for? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your favorite types of stories seem to be getting scarce? The reason is that Amazon hides the hottest stories but doesn’t tell readers how to find what they’re looking for!
To help you find the kind of erotica you want, this guide will:
Explain how to best use the search engines on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo to find what you’re looking for
Tell you about alternative sources for quality sexy stories
Show you how to find free erotic ebooks
Introduce to you some of today’s hottest authors
Define the most popular erotica keywords and offer alternate words to search for
Pick this up today and start reading the stories you want most tonight!


Amazon.com puts the smackdown on breeding titles

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Well, as an appropriate first post for my website, I’ll tell you a little about my woes. My sales on Amazon.com have dropped 70% since the majority of my titles were slapped with the ADULT tag and hidden from their main search engine. On top of that, even if you search for “breeding” in the kindle store, my titles fall dead last behind books that haven’t been filtered. Let Amazon know that you think that their cherry picking of titles to suppress is unfair! Thanks!